Fieldsheer Motorcycle Jackets and Armor

Fieldsheer brings to you over 30years of experience in the design, manufacturing and the latest technology in motorcycle apparel and accessories. Fieldsheer's Carbolex Material is a high performance fabric made of a strong polyester fiber. Carbolex is able to withstand tough conditions without ripping or tearing. There are many different widths of weave in Carbolex and this allows for a variation in the finished product to be the perfect fabrication for the use in which you intend. This fabric has been thoroughly tested and it performs at a high standard in being a safe material for motorcycle apparel.

Carbolex was designed to give the wearer the most comfort, safety and flexibility while enjoying their motorcycle sporting activity. Carbolex has been found to outperform a standard leather motorcycle suit.

Rainguard technology that is exclusive to Fieldsheer has improved their products immensely. Rainguard is 100% waterproof while maintaining, breath ability, flexibility and resistance to cold.

Phoslite Technology is an area of Fieldsheer that adds the extra safety feature that is important to a motorcyclist today. Phoslite is bonded to a variety of fabrics or materials including Carbolex. This reflective technology makes the rider more visible at night or in low light situations, such as an overcast or rainy day.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the rider to ensure they are wearing the safest and most durable jackets and armor and Fieldsheer is a company that has taken those concerns seriously. Fieldsheer has combined safety and comfort along with great colors and designs that are well suited to any man or woman with an interest in motorcycling.

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